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Realtor Atlanta  GA 706-591-8328
Video Transcription

Today we went through this house with a client.  Not a lot of Realtors in Atlanta GA can go through a house quickly and determine renovation and repair costs.  And this house was even next to a grave yard!! Crazy stuff, we cant make this stuff up folks.   This is a great little neighborhood in Atlanta GA.

Robert: Hey guys, it’s Robert, the real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re at a listing out here in Atlanta on Clifton Street. So we just went through this house, my client, and it’s not for us. There was a lot of issues with the foundation. We could tell the floors were very uneven, pretty shoddy, plumbing work, things like that most real estate agents in Atlanta can’t really see these things, so they don’t do rehabs, renovations like we do.

The reason why we did go to this one was because we were having trouble getting offers accepted on houses because everything’s so hot right now. It’s a really cute neighborhood as you can see behind me. The reason why we thought we could get a good deal on this one is it right next door to a graveyard which my clients didn’t mind too much.

We’ll walk over here as we’re going through. But that’s what’s going on in the market right now. Very hot in Atlanta. Very difficult to get offers accepted. We do our best to get you out there first, get the first offer in, or do the best thing we can to get you the best financing.

My client is actually going to be buying one of these houses with just 3% down with an FHA loan which is available to anyone. They’re looking for around a 700 credit score now, maybe 650, somewhere in that range, but we can take you through these places and show you all the good and bad and all the graveyard places.


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