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Robert: Hey everyone, this is Robert [inaudible 00:00:03], realtor in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area here. So we’re going to be showing you some houses since you’re thinking of moving to Georgia. Some things that are very particular to these cities around us and we have a few things that other states don’t have. A…

5 Things Sellers Need To Be Aware of When Listing Their Homes in Atlanta

Selling a home can be intimidating, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. The whole process is also littered with pitfalls and obstacles, especially for those who have never done it before. It’s easy for first-time (and even experienced) sellers to make mistakes – sometimes very costly ones. To help you avoid those mistakes, here are 5 things … Continued

6 Things You Can Do To Sell Your Townhome Faster in Atlanta

The task of selling your townhouse can mean some additional challenges. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider these 6 things you can do to sell your townhome faster in Atlanta. Consult Your HOA The first step in this journey is your HOA or Homeowners Association. Even if you believe you’re versed in every … Continued

What You Need To Know About Selling A Atlanta House in An HOA

Homeowners associations – or HOAs – are becoming a more common sight in the world of real estate. If you’re part of one, they come with some added hurdles when selling your home. To make things crystal clear, here’s what you need to know about selling a Atlanta house in an HOA. Do Your Research … Continued

Real Estate Agent Atlanta 6/3 with a pool!

See transcript below Today we are looking at a new listing in Cobb County GA. We have this listed on our site at Realtor Cobb County Speaker 1: Hey guys, here we are in Acworth. This house is amazing. Can’t wait to get this one listed. It should be coming up in about a week…