5 Tips To Help You Save For Your New Atlanta House

Part of getting ready to purchase a home is making sure you have the financial assets available. To help get you one step closer to buying that home you have your eye on, here are 5 tips to help you save for your new Atlanta house. Set a Goal & Budget The first thing to … Continued

5 Signs You Are Ready To Upgrade To A New Atlanta House

Sometimes life can throw you a curveball, and maybe it’s time for a change. Here are 5 signs you are ready to upgrade to a new Atlanta house. Times Have Changed The most immediate thing that tends to spur the need for a new home is a modification in your life circumstances. Maybe you have … Continued

5 Reasons Why Atlanta Real Estate Is Better Than The Stock Market

Investing in your financial future is a long-term process that requires plenty of planning, a cool head, and decisive action. If you’re debating between investing in property or stocks, here are 5 reasons why Atlanta real estate is better than the stock market. Less Risk, More Predictability The first big thing to remember about investing … Continued

Moving to GA 706-591-8328

Robert: Hey everyone, this is Robert [inaudible 00:00:03], realtor in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area here. So we’re going to be showing you some houses since you’re thinking of moving to Georgia. Some things that are very particular to these cities around us and we have a few things that other states don’t have. A…