Real Estate Agent Atlanta 6/3 with a pool!

See transcript below Today we are looking at a new listing in Cobb County GA. We have this listed on our site at Realtor Cobb County Speaker 1: Hey guys, here we are in Acworth. This house is amazing. Can’t wait to get this one listed. It should be coming up in about a week…

Our Tips For International Buyers Buying Property in Atlanta

Any real estate deal comes with its complications and obstacles, and buying property in another country adds to that existing heap. To help you jump through the hoops, here are our tips for international buyers buying property in Atlanta: Know Your Travel Requirements When you start looking into buying property internationally, you will want to … Continued

5 Ways To Save Money When Selling Your House in Atlanta

Once you’re ready to sell your home, the last thing you want to do is continue putting money into it. To help the frugal seller accomplish their goals, here are 5 ways to save money when selling your house in Atlanta. Shop Around for an Agent If you’re in the market for some professional help, … Continued