Moving to GA 706-591-8328

Moving to GA 706-591-8328

We have lots of options when moving to GA… We can recommend the best school districts. We also have teams of lenders, inspectors, and appraisers to do everything for you remotely. We do video walk troughs and become your boots on the ground. Contact us today for a list of available homes.

Hey everyone, this is Robert Bogino, realtor in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area here. So we’re going to be showing you some houses since you’re thinking of moving to Georgia. Some things that are very particular to these cities around us and we have a few things that other states don’t have. A little bit bigger houses for the price. This is actually going to be priced under 300,000. We’re in Marietta, Georgia today, which is inside Cobb County. Very high rated school districts, very desirable, only about 30 minutes to the city of Atlanta, close to all the major highways. So this is a very, very hot spot right now. We’re going to go through this house and show you all the goodies. But remember, we have lenders that work with out-of-state buyers and we have a full team of inspectors.

I do my own renovations and flips so we have the inspectors to go through. I go through it with them. I might even have a project coming up where we can custom make it for you. So we’re going to be your boots on the ground. You do not have to come here. Hopefully just once to see the house after we get it under contract. We’re going to do video walkthroughs with you, we do all these things for out-of-state clients. But let’s get to the house. Let’s get to the important stuff here. So remember guys, this house is under 300,000 and it’s going to sound a little bit crazy to some of you up North with prices, but new cabinets, granite countertops, this home has been completely renovated, nice bay window on this, all new flooring, all new paint, dining rooms, which I know a lot of the houses in some states don’t have the space for, this is going to be over 2,000 square feet.

Now let’s take a look at the master after we see this fireplace in the living area here, the den. This is the master bedroom. We got a bay window in the master bedroom, which is nice. Now checkout this master bath here. All brand new tile, custom built shower, we’re still finishing up a little bit. Standalone tub, beautiful double vanity here. What I really like about this master is it’s got this extra little sitting room that could be an office right out to your patio. Another thing about Georgia is we do have a little bit more land on houses than most states. Just look at this backyard. A huge backyard, got a detached two car garage that would be perfect for a shop, lots of stuff like this all over Metro Atlanta. You can see everything has been redone on this house. Under 300,000, and remember we have those [inaudible 00:02:20] that can get you guys houses for only three and a half percent down. Great little neighborhood in Marietta, Georgia here. Just call us with any questions.
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