Getting an old house ready to sell series #7 Termites

Our series on how to sell an old house that needs work, and what to fix up when selling a house. These tips will help you sell an old house fast.

Getting an old house ready to sell series #7 Termites
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hey, guys. Today we’re talking about termites. Termite damage, things you need to do to your home before you are able to sell it. I’m going to turn around here.

Basically, I’m going to show you some termite damage. It kind of looks like this here. If it’s active, you can sometimes see little white bugs crawling around in there. Unfortunately, the only way to know how extensive the damage is, is to remove something like that and see it. This one is probably just on the surface, but sometimes you take out some type of framing and you see much, much more internal damage. It can get very expensive to fix.

It’s often difficult to differentiate between water damage and termite damage. I’m going to show you something else that looks like it might be termite damage, but it was determined by the pest control company that this was just water.

Now we understand what caused the damage. It was termites, but what is the fix? Typically, the costs are going to be $45 to $50 for a termite letter just clearing your house of any termite damage. The treatment for termites is going to be anywhere from 500 to 1,000, depending on what type of treatment you need. The most effective treatment I’m going to show you right here. This going to run you about 1,000. It’s going to be these bait stations located all around the house, on the external part of the garage and the house, and that’ll take care of all that problem for you.

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