Real Estate Agent Alpharetta GA New Construction 706-591-8328

Real Estate Agent Alpharetta GA New Construction 706-591-8328
Today we are looking at a new construction project. We pick up properties like this at Bogino Properties as well. Market is tough right now, so we are looking for land to build on. You can see any land we have available at Real Estate Agent Alpharetta.

Robert Bogino:
Hey guys. Robert Bogino, Realtor here in Alpharetta, Georgia. Today, we are on the Alpharetta Milton line for a new construction home and this place is awesome. I’ll try to get some video of the inside for you or put some pictures up. So this is a new construction home. I’m looking for some clients that live out of town. That’s our specialty is finding places for clients that are from out of state moving in. I just went through and did a preliminary inspection while they’re still in the construction stage.

Everything looks awesome. I mean, everything’s up to code. All the plumbing, electrical framing, everything looks good. This is going to be right around one million dollars. They’re looking at this house and then they’re looking at this plot here where another 4,500 square foot build is going to go, another luxury home right about a million dollars. We’ve got a lot of stuff like this coming up in Alpharetta and Milton. The good thing about these properties is that they’re all going to be about 1.2 to two acre lots, price ranging anywhere from $900 to $1.5 just depending on the house you get. Like this one for a million it’s going to be right about 5,000 square feet including a finished basement, master on main, a really, really nice place.

Call us anytime to set up a showing. 706-591-8328. Georgias Best Agent

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