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Today we are looking at the great house in Georgia.  Most Real Estate Agents in Roswell Ga don’t have access to the renovations as soon as we do.

Robert: Hey guys, Robert, real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia here. Today we’re actually looking at a listing in Roswell, Georgia. And a lot of sellers are asking me, hey, should they list their homes now with COVID virus and all this madness going on? What’s going on is all these low interest rates and great loans that are out there are bringing buyers out in droves. So this is about the 300, 350 price point. You can see it’s been staged really nicely. Looks good. This is actually technically in Roswell, Georgia. So I do listings in Roswell as well, anything OTP north.

Anyway, so what we’re seeing is multiple offers on things. Buyers just really in a buying frenzy right now. Of course, it’s summertime here in Atlanta, Georgia, and most Realtors know that this is the time to get properties listed. We’ll look around while I’m going through here. But what we can do is go through your house and just recommend what upgrades need to be made and which ones don’t. These can get really out of hand really quick, even though it may raise the sale price of your house, it may not bring your profit up. So that’s what we did here is just recommended some different things to do, very minor cosmetic things. Like I said, anything getting listed right now by real estate agents in Atlanta or Roswell, Georgia is going fast. We’re talking maybe two weeks on market, even at this price point with multiple offers. Contact me if you need a free home value assessment for you. Thank you.


And remember we also buy homes and renovate them.  You can call us anytime to ask about upcoming projects. 706-591-8328 Georgias Best Agent.If you ever want to see our current renovations projects you can also visit us at Bogino Properties.

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