Realtor Atlanta GA- Selling an Older Home

Looking for a great Real Estate Agent in Atlanta GA?  Today we are looking at a house in Lawrenceville.

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Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What’s up guys? Today we’re looking at this house that a seller would like to list. So we’re going to point out a couple things to them. We’re here in Metro Atlanta and this is the kind of thing where you kind of need a more experienced agent or a realtor that has an experience in investing or construction. A, I’m going to tell him we might want to lose this outhouse back here, so we’ll take a look at it. But actually I thought I was an outhouse and it was actually a smokehouse. You can tell just from the dark powder and all that stuff in here. But it’s not an outhouse so don’t worry.

Main thing is they just need to clean up the yard a little bit, make it look a little bit nicer. We’ll talk about something today that we haven’t quite gone over yet, and that’s a possible water intrusion into a home. So I’m going to try to get it back a little bit and see if you guys can see the slope on this yard. And we have this problem in Atlanta a lot with the older homes like this. See how, I don’t know if we can see that, but see how the yard is a little bit sloped. Basically during these heavy rains that we have in Georgia and we’re actually in Lawrenceville, so we’re kind of outside of Metro Atlanta. All that water’s going to shoot right into there. So eventually this is going to cause some type of damage, and lets see if we can find some here. We’ll look at the siding a little bit. You can tell them that’s been replaced probably exactly from water splashing up there. It doesn’t look like it’s too bad on the erosion. But right here we just want to make the sellers aware of that. That’s going to come up on inspections right here. And this corner looks pretty bad right here.

So the easiest fix for this is going to be to put what’s called a French drain system in here. So they’re going to dig it down a little bit. They’re probably going to waterproof the foundation. They’re going to put some gravel down, and some tubing. And basically they’re going to direct all that water that would go down here, away from the house and along the sides. And you can even see that there’s been some erosion along the sides here too. Up on this side you can see where that’s come away a little bit.

These are probably not major issues, but the inspector is going to have a field day with this place. So this is where somebody with a little more experience in these kinds of things, I would meet the inspector out here and kind of go over these things. And try to get them to kind of not nail us so bad on the inspection. But otherwise the house is in pretty good shape, and I think we’ll, we’ll get a good sale out of it.

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