Realtor Marietta New Listing 4 Bedroom 3 Bath Renovation

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, Robert here, a real estate agent in Marietta, Georgia. We are looking at one of these beautiful renovations over here in this great neighborhood. This is going to be all brand new kitchen, three brand new bathrooms. We have an open concept with a biophiilic design, which is going to be a combination of all these woods and stone with a modern look. It’s bringing nature into the house. It’s supposed to help with the feng shui, help your mental health, which we could all use these days with everything going on.

Anyway, let’s take a look here. So we’ve got all quartz countertops, a nice waterfall design on this center island, all new stainless appliances, backsplash. And this is my favorite part, talking about nature and feng shui. I’m going to come out here and just have my coffee while I’m doing showings and whatnot. Listen to that, see if you can hear that. Nice flowing babbling brook.

All right, let’s take a look inside at the bathrooms. Okay, so as we head up to the rest of the house, don’t forget about this awesome bay window here. Brand new driveway put in, guys. All concrete, brand new. All right guys, as a realtor in Marietta, Georgia, I told him this is what we need to do to the shower. We’ve got dual shower heads, it’s awesome. All brand new custom tile work, completely renovated where we got two vanities now in the master bath, which you really need these days. And this is what I really like. This is the master bedroom and you have this big bay window right here in the master bedroom. Of course you’ve got two closets, plenty of closet space. Check out this guest bath. You don’t see this level of finish in guests baths. All this, vanity’s been refinished, brand new flooring in here.

All right, check this out. So this is the lower level kitchen right up there. This is what I really like about this place. You got another full bedroom in here and another really nice redone bathroom. All new flooring, new vanity. And one thing I like about it is if you wanted to, you could rent out this whole bottom level just as a separate little rental unit. Money gets tight, something like that. But really, you can put family in here. It could be an in-law suite. Really, really love this part about the house. Even got, the ceilings redone and can lighting in here. It looks great.

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